fashions and accessories at affordable, discounted prices. The very same garments are sold by other companies for higher retail prices. All items are made in England to the highest quality standards. They have been featured many times in many of the leading fetish magazines, including , Skin Two, Marquis and others, both in photo layouts and in advertisments from other vendors selling the garments at a much higher price.

We are owned and run by fetish enthusiasts and have outlets in England and the U.S.. All U.S. and non-European orders are processed from our facility in San Francisco,CA. . European orders are sent direct from our facility in Hampshire, England. Over the coming months we intend to expand our product range and - for your enjoyment - create an exciting online gallery which will feature professional and amateur photographic submissions.

Unlike other sites on the `net, Fetish Central is, and always will be, FREE to members of the general public providing they are over 18 years of age. You will NOT be asked for membership, subscription or "download" fees.

Please take your time and browse the Fetish Central site. We encourage you to send us comments about the site. Let us know what you liked or how you think we could improve our product line and presentation so that we can better serve the liberal `net community.

We take orders from around the globe and guarantee all of our products. Our staff are available to answer your questions regarding sizes and availability. You can contact us by email, regular mail or telephone.

We generally ship in 7-10 days from receipt of order. You can order with a credit card* over the `net or by telephone and fax, or with check or money order by regular mail.

*you will be billed discreetly to your credit card.
Enjoy our site, thank you for stopping by!

Richard Paul Jones


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